Selected Projects 1983-2016

The Good Rumor Project


A social experiment where two rumors have been constructed and systematically spread across the border region of San Diego, US and Tijuana, Mexico, and then digitally tracked through a multifaceted strategy that combines viral/word-of-mouth marketing with methods from recent research on small-world networks and social network analysis.

The Spin Word Project

A project which explores how new words — so called “spin-words” — are created and strategically inserted into the daily language by the political PR, lobbying, and spin-doctoring industry in order to influence the public opinion.

The Scenario Project

A project which explores the possibilities to forecast the future of a single person by using the same advanced AI technologies, which are used by the global tech companies such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, as well as national security agencies such as NSA, FRA and GCHQ, in order to find patterns and context of the huge amount of which is continuously generated and stored in order to predict future human behavior.

The Compromise House Project

An experimental house project in which the concept of compromise is re-evaluated and explored as an innovative and experimentally creative principle. 

The Wonderful World of Hobbies

An exploration in the hobby phenomenon in the development of the Swedish welfare state n relation to notions of labor, rationality and Protestant work ethic in the development of the Swedish welfare state from the 1930's to the 1970's.